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Learning spoken English is a Himalayan Task? Searching for a good institution?Worried of Time and Facility for it?
Don't worry. We, Casac Benjali's English Boom Language Academy, with more than 10 years of expertise in training and moulding professionals, are here to help you improve your English language skills.
Join our Online Spoken English Training (Training via Whatsapp) courses and beautify your English.

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We have customized our program in a way to develop our learners' ability to communicate confidently in English for a wide range of situations including travel, work and social interactions.

Who can join?

Irrespective of age / qualification / job anyone who has a burning desire to learn English can join us and learn English.

What is the duration?

The duration of the course is 4 months. There will be a 4 hours session everyday in different time slots, in which you can select your own batch. Sunday will be a formal offday, still you can clear your doubts and get assisted for other linguistics needs.

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Superb Features

We are Flexible

Mark yourselves with the level of your communication and join any of the three different levels of batches accordingly.

You can fix your practice time.

In your busy life you will not be able to go to an institution and spend your valuable time there for learning English. There comes English Boom for your help. Based on your duty time / convenience you can choose your time to practice. If you take a decision to dedicate a minimum of one hour a day for improving your English, we guarantee that you will speak English perfectly by the end of this course.

Professional Trainers

Assisted by dedicated 24 / 7 online trainers, using any of the continuous four hours' batches you can start practicing English. We are happy to have a team of well-bred Communicative English Trainers, who can clarify any of your doubts.

Practice Tests after each Lesson

Check your progress with a test after each lesson to consolidate your learning and help prepare for your final Course Assessment.

Certificate Of Completion

Get your official Course Completion Certificate once you have passed your final Course Assessment.

Personal Assistant for Doubt Clearance

Apart from your usual online trainer, a dedicated Personal Assistant is always ready online to clarify any of your doubts in grammar, usages and anything regarding your modules.

Assistance for content writing

From the moment you joined us, you are a valuable member of this family, and we consider helping you make your English communication better and perfect our obligation.